Bridging the Achievement Gap!

About Us

The District Wide Black Parents’ Student Support Group (DWBPSSG) of the Ann Arbor Public Schools will serve as a collaborative and supportive vehicle for African-American and under-represented minority students and their parents.

The organization will foster strong, meaningful alliances with schools to encourage academic excellence, leadership skills, cultural awareness, pride and respect, and problem solving. The main priority is the education of all students with special emphasis on the education of African-American and under-represented minority students so that they will attain their full educational potential

  • Parental Involvement

    Our first strategic focus is to increase Black and under-represented minority parent involvement in school activities and in student learning.

  • Youth Programs

    Our second strategic focus is another important pillar in building the Achievement Bridge. We will help to strengthen the character of students and help reinforce a culture of positive achievement.

  • Community Coalitions

    Strengthen youth through coordinated community supports and research-based resources

  • Schools

    Our final area of strategic focus is to work directly with the School Board, administration, faculty, and staff to foster an environment that is conducive to the achievement of all students.

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